Funny T Shirts To Tickle Your Funny Boner

Wear your Boner proudly!

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School and work standards can stifle the ability to express ourselves. That is why we have designed our shirts to display a "socially acceptable" educational and informative skeletal depiction of your boy toy, man piece or schlong, (whatever you might call it) without offending every Tom, Dick or Harry.   Just tuck it in for day. 

Upon leaving your place of employment, educational institution, house of worship or any other "stuffy" establishment, simply pull it out. Let the world see just what kind of a tool you pack around.   Whip it out at night!  

Women Love Boners

All American Made - 6 oz cotton T shirts are machine washable and hold their color and shape.    (Easy on the starch - there is such a thing as too stiff!)

Women Like Variety

We currently have 5 boners to choose from.

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